Education & Continuing Education (CEU) Programs

Over his 25 year career with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, Lee Lawrence, founder of ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC, has produced and presented dozens of educational programs relating to virtually all aspects of pest control, including wood-destroying organism biology, inspection and control; bed bugs; vertebrate pests; proper pesticide use, and a host of other topics.

To inquire about these and other educational services, contact Lee at 775-379-2521.


A unique feature offered to EVERYONE by ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC is Electronic Pest Identification! Simply stated, if you’re not sure what type of bug, plant disease or pest problem you have, if you’re able, simply take a clear cell phone picture of it and text it to 775-379-2521. The professionals at ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspections Services LLC will do their best to identify it within 30-to-60 minutes. There’s NO OBLIGATION or CHARGE for this service! Knowing WHAT your pest is, is the first step in determining IF control measures are even needed. GIVE IT A TRY! 

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