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ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC was founded by Lee Lawrence, a longtime resident of Nevada and graduate of the University of Nevada. Lee’s Bachelor of Science degree includes a combination of sciences including entomology (the study of insects), plant pathology (the study of plant diseases), plant physiology and other related sciences.

Lee has been involved in virtually ALL aspects of pest control including a nearly 25 year career as the Pest Control Licensing and Enforcement Program Manager for the Nevada Department of Agriculture. He wrote much of the pest control licensing study material, tests and industry regulations which his program was responsible for implementing and enforcing. He brings his understanding of Integrated Pest Management, safe and effective pesticide use, as well as innovative approaches to constructing safe and effective pest management strategies. No matter what pest control problems or challenges you have, the goal of ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC is to provide customer satisfaction through traditional and state-of-the-art practices that guarantee your satisfaction. Ask about the ZeeBest Advantage!


A unique feature offered to EVERYONE by ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC is Electronic Pest Identification! Simply stated, if you’re not sure what type of bug, plant disease or pest problem you have, if you’re able, simply take a clear cell phone picture of it and text it to 775-379-2521. The professionals at ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspections Services LLC will do their best to identify it within 30-to-60 minutes. There’s NO OBLIGATION or CHARGE for this service! Knowing WHAT your pest is, is the first step in determining IF control measures are even needed. GIVE IT A TRY! 

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