Bird & Bat Control

There are times when high pigeon populations can pose health risks, damage structures, or damage the aesthetic appeal of our homes, workplace, or other areas we enjoy. Bats are insectivores and are well liked by most, but when they infest attics, barns, or other sheltered areas, they can produce serious problems such as “Bat Bugs” (a blood feeding insect). They commonly vector rabies, and any dead babies (“pups”) may not only smell, but will provide a food source for detritus feeding pests such as Dermestids (e.g. Hide Beetles) and a host of other pests. The best defense against pigeons and bats is exclusion. Screening and/or sealing them out of areas where they perch or roost is very effective if done properly. Trapping/removal and other methods are also used. Each control situation for pigeons and bats is unique. A site evaluation must be done to determine the most effective control approach. Contact the professionals at ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Service LLC for a FREE consultation at 775-379-2521.


A unique feature offered to EVERYONE by ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspection Services LLC is Electronic Pest Identification! Simply stated, if you’re not sure what type of bug, plant disease or pest problem you have, if you’re able, simply take a clear cell phone picture of it and text it to 775-379-2521. The professionals at ZeeBest Pest Control & Inspections Services LLC will do their best to identify it within 30-to-60 minutes. There’s NO OBLIGATION or CHARGE for this service! Knowing WHAT your pest is, is the first step in determining IF control measures are even needed. GIVE IT A TRY! 

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